Monday, 12 April 2010


Tomorrow I go off to my placement. It's a three week stint living and observing the work of the Anglican Church in Belvedere, North Kent. I am excited about it, but at the same time nervous - at the end of my time there I must look inward and reflect on things theological, anthropological and sociological and come up with some words on a page that reflected my time in Belvedere.

I will be in the safe hands of Fr Clive Jones, incumbent of St Augustine of Canterbury Church (link here; It's a very different parish to my own, that being St Mary, Eversley (link here;, my home church being rural with a congregation and worship that befits it. St Augustine's is Anglo-Catholic, a tradition that I grew up in, but in a very different sociological area, with a church school and, I understand, much poverty. It will, I am sure, be an illuminating experience. I ask that for those reading this, they offer me up in their prayers during this time.

Now for some packing. Mustn't forget my Missal.

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