Monday, 10 August 2009


I'm on holiday - for three whole weeks. A few days in and the weather has returned to be 'typical' British summer - grey clouds, not particularly warm, you get my drift! However, we have had a few days of good weather and we're off to the South of France on Friday where the weather is good and hopefully will continue to be so.

There's little in the news recently, but a couple of things have caught my eye. The first is politics and the continuing wonderment at which I see the current government mis-manage this country. I fully acknowledge that I don't have the intellect of many of those in government, they seem, most of the time, to have the intelligence of donkeys in the way they treat us, the British electorate. The latest act to have my attention is that apparently Lord Mandelson is running the country whilst Gordon Brown is on holiday - although Mandelson is on holiday himself, courtesy, it appears, of another rich benefactor. Whilst I don't disagree with free holidays courtesy of 'friend's, I do think that if you are in the public eye (and especially in Government with the expenses scandal fresh in the mind) one has to be a little careful as to what is paid for, free etc etc. The worst thing of all is that this man has not been elected by anyone other than Gordon Brown and at best the Labour Party. So, we have someone running the country who is not elected, who has been booted out of the government in previous years for 'indiscretions', in charge. We are truly on a slippery slope with this government into an abyss. Heaven help us.......although I should add that I'm not sure who, at the present time, is capable of running the country.......but possibly the Tories would give it a damn good go.

A couple of other minor things' childcare for MPs paid for us, the taxpayer. My word, even more 'stuff' paid for by US for the government, as if they don't have enough. When will they get in the real world and do like the rest of us who work our backsides off to provide for our families. I can't expense things for the contents of my home, childcare etc etc; nor can the majority of the hardworking British public - why should they?

Sport. My beloved Harlequins is in a mess. I am trying to push this to the back of my mind but a reputation built up over the past 140 or so years is potentially in tatters because of the actions in a game that they were desperately trying to win - what price to win a game? What does this teach our youngsters? That winning is everything at all costs, whether done fairly or otherwise? I love rugby because of the gentlemanly way in which it is played, the fact that the players still address the referee as 'sir' etc etc. I am competitive and try to teach my children that winning is important - after all, you don't get ahead in working life by coming second ever. However, I certainly do not condone cheating and this little episode has come back to bite Quins in the backside. I truly hope that it gets sorted soon and Quins are left with a little bit of dignity.

Finally, my Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law have just become proud parents again. A lovely little boy called Peter. I pray that he may have a joyous, safe, healthy and good life; he is truly loved and will be wonderfully cared for. We all rejoiced in his birth.

And as a pps, in a few weeks I visit Taize for 24 hours. I am looking forward to taking from the little springtime and that I will be spiritually 'topped up' until I can get back there again.