Thursday, 18 June 2009

Do nothing....

Today, like many Thursdays, I went to the church across the road from my office for the weekly communion service. It's in a church that's pre-Great Fire, where Handel played the organ (still in place - the organ that is, not Handel!), with a most magnificent stained glass window above the High Altar. a magnificent building that whilst a little tired still shows the splendour of it's age - and there are ambitious plans to make it great again!

As I walk in every week, I draw in a wonderful waft of incence and enjoy this sanctuary from the hum-drum of my daily working life. Taking time out to communicate with God.

Today the sermon (short as befits a lunchtime service for City and other workers on their lunch break), we were introduced to 'doing nothing' and there was a little plug for Bishop Stephen Cottrell's book 'Do nothing to change your life'. I am dreadful at remembering fully what the text of sermons generally are, but this one really struck a chord. How often do we (me, actually) really stop and do nothing? Whether that nothing is for me, God, the family etc. The blurb on Amazon quotes Isaiah; 'In returning and rest you shall be saved.' (Is. 30:15). How true this is. I know that God is with me in the workplace, actually with me 24/7. However, when do I stop, do nothing and just 'be'. I was going to say (write) probably, but there's no probably about it; I don't do this anywhere enough. Not to self; from now on, think about doing nothing, just 'being' and through this God will shine through.

Tomorrow I have the dreaded visit to the dentist. I haven't been for ages - years actually. Much brushing of teeth leading up to this visit. I'm sure it doesn't do any good, but it helps me feel better! Fingers crossed there won't be anything terminal!

After the dentist something much more pleasant, off to lunch with my wife at the restaurant where I am having my 40th birthday celebrations next month. Great to spend some quality time with my wife before I go off to a residential weekend in beautiful Salisbury to learn all about Rural Church. Looking forward to everything that's happening after the dentist!

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